Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chevron Dining Room

Oh blogging, you may be the death of me- but here goes nothing!

So we recently (about 2 months ago) moved into our new place.  Since we can't paint the walls, I was looking for something to spice things up and bring my own creative flair.  Before we even moved, I fell in love with this chevron idea.
*Courtesy of eighteen25 blog*
Love! (I am uh-bsessed with chevron.) We have a silly little corner nook by our bathroom, but I felt like I would put a lot of work into it and not be able to enjoy it, so I went for big and bold in our dining room.  

Here's the answer to the question EVERYONE asks when they see it, "Is that paint?" No, my friends, it is not!  It's good ol' cardstock! And guess what?  It's a bunch of little strips all glued together!  
So here's how I did it:
-I decided to use black because a. it was what I had a lot of on hand, and I didn't want a color. So pick your color!

-Cut your strips.  I first cut down the whole piece of cardstock, then sliced individual strips.  
Tips: Use a paper cutter! You need even, straight cuts. & use a fine point, visible pen to mark.
-Glue your strips! I used a simple tape runner, or you could use a glue stick or super sticky tape.  You need to be sure to line them up evenly, at a 90* angle.  

-I did a few zig-zags a piece together, to make it easier to put on the wall.
-Here's where you might think it gets put them up on my wall, I just taped them!  

Note: you HAVE to use the good, sticky scotch tape, or else it WILL fall down (I speak from experience.)  

Now, yes, it might seem silly to you, but seriously, I LOVE the statement it makes with my nickel colored E-A-T and everyone thinks it is so unique and cool.
Also:  I just saw this on pinterest:
It's made with contact paper!  That, is also genius.   

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  1. Love it! And the "EAT" sign just make sit better in my eyes!

  2. Love this! I'm posting it to my FB page!

    Thanks for linking it up at Creatively Living!

  3. Featuring this tonight!

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