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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dollar Store: Valentines Day

Yes, I do believe this merits it's own WHOLE blog post.  First of all, if you're too good for dollar stores, this is not the blog for you. hahaha Harsh, but totally honest! I have an (often) unhealthy addiction to dollar stores, especially around the holidays.  So of course I'm sharing 
"Things to Buy From the Dollar Store: Valentine's Day Edition".  First up, cheap chocolate. Not for me, or those you love, but for people like little children i.e., class valentines, or little valentines for your child.  Speaking of class valentines, if you do store bought, hello! 32 for 1 dollar?! Steal. 
Thirdly, heart balloons. which can cost an arm and a leg at party boutiques. 10 for $1. And they're big! I love to blow them up and scatter them in rooms for a morning Valentines Day surprise. Lastly, on my must-grab list, heart straws.  I'm unusually excited about Valentine's Day being on Sunday because I get to spend all day relaxing with my family, and I thought these straws would be so fun to make our dinner special.  I for sure know my 4 year old with think I'm the best mom ever.
Okay so am I missing anything? Did you guys find something else awesome I HAVE to run out and grab before Valentine's Day?!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Finding the Best Family Phone Plan

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and Walmart Family Mobile. All opinions are mine alone. #DataAndAMovie #CollectiveBias
Finding a new phone plan can often not only be expensive, but SO stressful! So much so that my husband and I are both still on our parent's plans, and I know we're not the only ones! Our contracts with them are both ending soon & I thought there has to be a good deal somewhere! I was about to loose my mind when I heard about Walmart's new Walmart Family Mobile PLUS plan.
Can you hear my hallelujahs?! Okay let me break it down for you, and then you'll understand. Walmart Family Mobile PLUS = Unlimited Talk, Text, Data. That's 10GB 4G LTE.  PLUS you get a free movie on VUDU every month, per line for just...wait for it....$49.88.  My husband and I both run through data like crazy from my social media and his all things sports-watching related.
They have an amazing selection of phones too.  Just pick your phone, grab a Starter Kit & head home.  It's so simple.  You pay at the end of month, don't have to deal with a contract or sales people and you get a free movie rental every month.  I can't wait to use ours to have a movie night at home on our big screen television using our ChromeCast or Play Station!
 I chose the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime ( which is only $99.00 on rollback), it has a big screen, which was a huge must for me & it can keep up and handle everything I need to it. I am just so relieved I found a plan that not only has everything we need, but I don't have to pay an arm and a leg for!  Are you in the market for a new phone plan? What's on your must-have list for a phone?

Friday, February 5, 2016

French Valentine Printable

So when I was in high school, I took French. It was the only other foreign language offered besides Spanish.  EVERYONE took spanish, and so being the "cool" freshman that I was, signed up to take French as my foreign language.  I also signed up for theatre....I did NOT have to repeat theatre, but I did have to re-take a foreign language class. fail. But blocking that horrible french teacher from my memory, I sometimes like to pretend I can speak French, because it's so much more romantic than Spanish, right?!  (I know way more and better spanish)
So come pretend that you, too, can speak gorgeous French with an impeccable accent with this fun Valentines Printable. "Je t'aime mon amour" (google)translates to "I love you, my darling".
I got mine printed out as an engineer print from Staples. It comes with the lines printed so you can perfectly it to be a gorgeous hanging banner but attaching a dowel & bakers twine.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Heart "Scallop" Wreath

This wreath is so easy & self-explanatory, it doesn't even merit a tutorial. It's simple and creates a look of scallops when completed, but is 100% Valentines with hearts.
 Use a foam wreath, your choice of felt (I only needed one of each color), and hot glue.
Tie some cute ribbon over the little gap you may be left with & you're done!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Valentines Suckers with Printable Tag

I found this adorable set of suckers at the dollar store & they were so cute and the perfect size 
to be turned into Valentines. 
Take the printable at the bottom of this post & tie them on with some adorable ribbon, 
sequins or pom-poms. Little effort, lots of cuteness.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Lipstick Kisses Canvas

Here's a quick, simple & fun Valentine's Day decoration idea that will give you a perfect excuse to buy some cheap lipsticks and kiss your heart out!
Take a plain white canvas & pucker those lips with lipsticks and smooch away!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Favorite Things: January

Favorite Things Friday is switching to Favorite Things Monthly this year!  So while we're quickly working our way through January, let's get started with some of my current favorite things.
While most of these favorites are "beauty" related, I've also got some amazing items you HAVE to try soon.  So let's dive in! Give me a minute to talk about why I love them & at the bottom are the full names & links if applicable. (All opinions are mine & none of the links are affiliate links.)
1. Aztec Clay Mask.  THANK YOU SADIE JANE  for snapchatting about this!  I have had such picky skin for like all my life & I love this mask. It's a powder that you mix with apple cider vinegar (I use 1tsp. of both) and apply to a mask that hardens and it has helped so much. 
2. Vitamin C serum.  I'll be turning 26 this year & I had this internal panic about getting old and wrinkles and my under eye circles...this helps tighten, brighten, and smooth.  LOVE it.
3. Caramels.  Found at Target by the checkout. They're not healthy or fancy but they are delicious.  And you're right, that bag is empty because I have no self control.
4. Vapor Stick.  I love the breathe essential oils & they are a life saver, especially during the winter/cold months to really open up your chest and stuffy nose. This stick is new and I am obsessed.
5. Dry Shampoo.  While on the higher price end, my lovely hair dresser sister in law gave me this for Christmas & I am pretty sure there's no turning back now.  I've post about the PhD 5-in-1 & their dry shampoo keeps me a huge fan.  Well played Jennifer Aniston, well played.
6. Vaseline Tin.  My lips have been addicted to chap stick since high school.  But this changed everything. I only apply this at night before bed & I never need anything during the day.  It's less oily than straight Vaseline & even more effective. It's brand new to the states, comes in a few different types and is finally out in stores.
3. Lovely Candy Co. Caramels 
4. Breathe vapor stick from DoTerra Oils 
6. Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin