Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cupid Arrows

This year is our son's first Valentine's Day, and so of course I had to send out cards. 
My friend Wendy did all the work, and made it positively adorable.  
(Although, I should give some credit to that stinkin' cute little boy!)  
We had a mini-photoshoot just in his room and gave him some cute props to play around with 
and Wendy clicked away!

I told her an idea of what I had in my head, and being the amazing, creative designer she is- made it even better than I imagined!  

One of the props we used was a cute little Valentines arrow I whipped up right before Wendy arrived.  And it only takes a few seconds- my kind of crafts.
(Please excuse the ugly date stamp on the photos, I didn't realize it until I went to edit, so I went back and redid all the pictures, and somehow those didn't save to the memory card correctly, then my little one woke up from his nap &  I was so flustered about it all- I just didn't care enough to re-do it again!)

-paper hearts
-hot glue gun

Cut 2 felt rectangles.

Then cut fringe down each side at an angle, leaving about 1/4 of an inch in the middle.

Put a dab of glue on each felt piece and stick on the dowel.
Then do the same things with the heart.

Easy Peasy!
Stick some in a jar and use as a decoration, use as a prop or shoot your heart-throb with it!

*Wendy is currently selling amazing custom family trees and working on adding other awesome things to her shop. But please don't make her so famous that she still won't do photo shoots for my little stud!*

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