Monday, January 16, 2012

Here Are a Few of my Favorite Pins

I love pinterest.  Do you? Are you an addict, like me?  Do most of your conversations with your husband start with, "So I saw this thing on pinterest..."? 
Then welcome to my life!
I, however, am one of those people that actually MAKES the things I pin. Crazy? I know.
So here are a few pins that I followed through with:

 These hands.  
I didn't stitch them, but I cut them out of plain colored cardstock.  It hangs with our family est. sign and an 8x10 picture of us.
I loved this idea, so I did our first dance song lyrics with a picture and hung it in our room.  Although, I think I might re-do it and make it bigger.

I made my own version of this. (tutorial coming later) to, as well, hang in our bedroom.

(Say THAT five times fast!) Made a few of these for my son for Christmas.  Darn cute!

I also get most of my recipes from Pinterest....but that is for another day!
What are YOUR favorite pins?!

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