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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Happenings Lately (& not so lately...)

Hi friends!!  It's been so long!  Truth be told, I've just been so busy that taking the time to make tutorials or blog content was no where near the top of my list.  It's just so much work that my "real" work and family life was where my focus was.  Standing ovation to all the women out there balancing it all!  So what exactly has happened?
We moved! (a whole 1.5 miles away, but STILL!)

Then I got super sick because...

I'm pregnant!  

And suddenly I'm in my last trimester.

I'm still working as an Instructional Aide, still crafting, teaching lettering when I can and trying to keep my home functional.  

What's to come? Hopefully...more blogging!  I do miss it.  Obviously it'll take another hiatus when baby boy comes, but I'm planning on at least trying to keep the train on the tracks.  (Is that even a real saying? Just go with it...)

All of this to say, thank you for staying with me! Thank you following along on Instagram or Facebook or right here! Say hi and I hope to be back here soon!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Happenings Lately

First of all, how is it already MARCH?!  I say it all the time, but I seriously feel like the older I get, the faster time flies.  But secondly, I've been having a great time as it flies right by! I recently got to attend an event to meet other amazing women bloggers, business owners, entrepreneurs and all around awesome people. We've been spending so much time outside before it gets absurdly hot. 
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Monday, January 18, 2016

Happenings Lately

Hi Friends!!! I hope you all had amazing holidays and made special memories with wonderful people in your lives!  I went MIA here, but there was no shortage of crafting or Christmas-ing behind the scenes.  If you follow me on Instagram (@tiedribbon), you'll have seen a few of these or some on snapchat (katiecarranza).  But here's a few shots into some fun things that I was up to during my slightly long blog hiatus.  I'm diving right back into holiday crafting and have some fun Valentine projects headed your way.  Thanks for following along!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Happenings Lately

If you follow me on Instagram you know July is birthday month in our house & we've already marked the BEST one off our calendars.  And the second best one (mine!) is up next on Sunday! We had a fun low-key time celebrating the big number 4 on 7-11.  I've been trying to survive this killer Arizona heat so we spend almost everyday swimming.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Happenings Lately

Obviously life has been a little is it MARCH?! I'm stretching back into February with these photos. Most of which were shared on my instagram (follow @katiecarranza)
Lots of exciting things brother coming home from his 2-year LDS mission, the start of baseball spring training, being part of a Girls With Glasses video, wedding planning for my mom, slicing my finger open & getting my first stitches and getting my very first ticket.  (full caption for these photos on instagram or twitter). I hope your March is a little bit more lucky than mine has been!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Happenings Lately

Still trying to convince myself it's fall despite the weather here in wonderful Arizona. I realized last week that I haven't slept in my bed for more than 4 days straight in the last month. It's been a busy, crazy, exciting and full last month. I'm so excited for fall, pumpkin carving, Halloween festivities and being able to drink hot chocolate without feeling like a weirdo! haha I leave you with this song by my favorite new artist Meghan Trainor. If you didn't know she's the one who sings "All About That Bass" that gets stuck in your head and that some have criticized for it's message. I love it more that you even understand (I've referred to it as my theme song), but this song will get in your head and also has a great message. So happy Friday!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Happenings Lately

Well oh my goodness- these past few weeks have been full of friends, family, birthdays, delicious food, baseball games, the beach, a baby shower and San Diego!  So much fun and still feeling like summer (especially when taking the weather into account!) 
Hope you all have wonderful weekend!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happenings Lately

We spent an amazing few days visiting family and celebrating the Fourth home in San Diego & it was picture perfect.  Lots of water fun, pancake breakfast, neighborhood parade, yummy food, a gorgeous farmers market, family time, a mini birthday celebration and suddenly it's 4 days later I'm still in a vacation hangover.  Take me back home!