Thursday, November 19, 2015

Feather Christmas Wreath

I have a photo saved in the depths of my phone albums of a feathery wreath amongst gorgeous Christmas decor.  I loved it so much it was one of the things I was so excited to make this year!
I re-used an old wreath form and just gave it a coat of white spray paint so nothing peaks through.
For the feathers I grabbed some of these feathers from the Christmas craft section at Hobby Lobby.  It was cheaper than buy 3 or 4 boas large & were the exact same thing...they're like mini boas!
Using floral pins, pin in one end, then wrap around & pin the end.  Repeat!  I used 6 of the mini-boas.

Add a little bit of this amazing plaid ribbon (Target dollar spot for the win again!), hang up and then marvel in the gorgeous-ness of your feather Christmas wreath.

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