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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Chalkboard Writing Tips & Tricks

I love ALL things chalkboard & I love changing my framed chalkboard with the season or my mood. I thought I'd share my favorite tips, tricks & advice!

My 2 favorite "secret weapons" are baby wipes & a sharpener. 
Wipes come in handy for mess-ups & sharpening chalk is just a genius idea...I just can't even handle it.
I don't wet my chalkboard or my's just personal preference.  Wetting your chalkboard will give you darker, thicker lines but also crumbles your chalk while doing so. 

The chalkboard I use was made from an Ikea frame & I used Martha Stewart chalkboard paint right on the plexiglass that came in the frame.

Some of my chalkboards come from other prints or designs I see on blogs or through pinterest.  To create my own design, I start out by scrolling through all my computer fonts to get some inspiration or even design the whole thing then draw it on the chalkboard.

All my lettering is done free-hand & takes some practice or even design change to get it juuuust right.  So don't be afraid to mess-up (that's where the baby wipes come in handy!) or tweak the design a bit.

(to see more current chalkboard photos follow me on instagram)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Up & Coming

Between being without a labtop, and being totally incapable of doing anything due to all-day morning etsy shop & blog suffered terribly.
But I have great ideas and tutorials I hope to get started on and eventually post! (Including some great additions to the shop!)
So, once again- stay tuned!