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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Personal Chalkboard

Don't worry friends....I'm still here!
Life has gotten in the way of sharing here on the blog but I wanted to pop in and share a simple idea to make for your little one.

Take a plain wood board (purchased from any craft store), give it a good sand then tape off the edge & apply a few coats of chalkboard paint.  (I love Martha Stewart's brand) Let dry & remove tape, then paint outside edge with a fun color.

That's it! This board is perfect for car rides, playing games or quiet drawing time. Have fun with it!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Chalkboard Blocks with Lullaby Paint

Lullaby Chalkboard paint kit
Wooden blocks of your size

Since the Lullaby Chalkboard paint kits have everything you need in them- all you need is your own surface!  I was so excited to make these blocks without the worry of my child (or a niece or nephew) playing so closely with paint.  But Lullaby paints are safe for me & most importantly- children!

Once you've given your blocks 2 good coats of paint, start writin on em!
Clayton LOVES playing & writing on these.  And they were the simplest project ever!  I even had extra paint in my paint pouch to whip up a few more for Christmas presents! shhhh....

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Baby Month Marks

Remember the chalkboard in my little man's bedroom?

In this picture it has an "I love you" note, medicine times (he's teething again) & his first ever Valentine from his Nana.

But what I really use it for is to record his month marks!  It's a combination of these two ideas:

Love them both.  All I did was buy a white frame from IKEA. 
(couldn't find it online. similar one here.)
I took the actual plastic fake-glass piece and painted that with Martha Stewart Blue chalkboard paint.  I did a few coats to make sure it was nice and chalk-boardy.  
Tip: I made sure my final coat was the opposite way from the way I would be writing.  Since I use it vertically, I made the last strokes horizontal.

Here it is in use

In the months he has check-ups, it has his weight & height stats listed.  Since it's month 7, I just wrote things & events.  "first heart day", LOVES "da-da-da", and "almost crawling.