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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Travelling with Toddlers Guest Post by Jess.

Hey Tied Ribbon readers, my name is Jess and I blog over at Sounds Like Life!

I am so excited to share some of my traveling with a toddler tips that I have learned over the past four years with my little guy Bradley. 

When choosing your flight be aware of your little ones sleep schedule. If you know that your little needs his afternoon nap or else he wont sleep that night, try choosing a flight in the morning or one scheduled after his nap. A new environment like a plane may over stimulate or excited them and sleeping won’t normally happen on a plane. We have learned morning flights are best for us. He has had good nights sleep and we can always get a good afternoon nap in when we arrive. So his schedule is not thrown off too much while on vacation. 

Now on to packing. Try to keep a few things in mind while packing. “Do I need it?” “Can I barrow/rent it?” Keep it simple and convenient. I hate going through security with a stroller, we choose to rent them from locations we visit or borrow them from friends when we arrive. The same goes for cribs. We do however bring his car seat. Whether it was his infant seat or now his actual car seat. We checked it. The less you have to carry through security and the airport the better. However, the car seat and stroller can both be check at the gate if you choose. Try to check your luggage as well and limit yourself to one bag/carry on for you and baby. Keep the absolute essentials and take out everything you don't need. The less stuff you have the easier it will be to find what you need when you are crammed on an airplane with a wiggly toddler on your lap. 

In your carry on pack the essentials nothing more. An extra outfit and socks. A few diapers and wipes. Include some snacks, bottle/sippy cup. Toys or books, something you know they would enjoy and could easily distracts them when needed. Try and pick things that could link to the baby clip rings and clip it to my seatbelt Just in case it drops you don't have to try and squeeze down to find it. His favorite blanket or whatever he "needs" for sleep. Pack your wallet/purse everything else with you suitcase. Leave out your ID, ticket, money or debit card and if needed your child’s birth certificate or shot records. Keep those all in one easily accessible pocket. Being able to one handedly grab your ticket and ID when at the gate will make you feel like a champion and will make going through security that much easier. Try and make sure everything is as easy to access as possible. 

Now to dress the little one for your flight. Trust me on this, layers and skip the shoes. Nothing is worse then trying to find a missing shoe somewhere between security and your gate. Our travel outfit consists of basic socks, soft pants, t-shirt and a zip up jacket. If I lose a sock its no big deal they are quickly replaced. Keep the same idea for yourself when getting dressed. Comfort and light layers are important when you have a little one on your lap. When picking shoes think about taking them off and putting them on while in a line at security. Will it be easy? Can you do it with one hand?
While you are waiting to board try to avoid going into the diaper bag or carry on for treats and snacks. Save them for the plane so they are new and exciting. Change diapers right before you start boarding. The airplane bathrooms are tiny and a pain to change babies in. Hold off on giving him any snacks/food/drink until the flight is taking off. Give him the bottle as your "lifting off' the sucking will help relieve the pressure in his ears. 

Each flight will always be different, but these are just some tips I have learned that generally work for us. My biggest piece of advice is stay as relaxed as possible. So if you little one is fussing the entire time, just breathe and relax. The plane ride will end and 95% of those other passengers have been in the exact position you are in. If not, the other 5% will get over it. Most of all enjoy your trip!