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Friday, November 20, 2015

My Advent Calendar

Here is everything you ever wanted to, and maybe never wanted to know about how I do out advent calendar. So over the past few years, I've shared a few shots of my advent calendar on social media. And this year I'm finally on top of my game enough to share this in time for you to make & enjoy your own!
A few years ago, I stumbled upon this image on Pinterest, and for the life of me, I could not find any actual post with this picture in it. After the search consumed me, (for like a few days), I gave up and just went right to work making my own.  This year I finally had to replace the bag after loosing & the accidental wrinkling of a few over the years required new ones. (I apologize for the lighting, hallways don't provide for the best natural lighting.)

I started with a roll of kraft paper (from the dollar store), white paper bags, and mini clothespins.  I used my cricut to cut out the numbers in kraft paper & glues onto the bag.  Measure & mark your kraft paper then hot glue the clothes pins on.  Keep in mind you'll need enough room vertically and horizontally. I hung mine by gluing a long skinny dowel to the top of the paper & then tying bakers twine on either end.
So now that the hard part is over, let's talking about the fun stuff! The fillings.  Keep in mind I only have 1 chid, so for some items I only have to buy one of.  I stock up on small crafts, treats, books, coloring books, and as well factor in activities like looking at lights or going to a christmas party. 
For those days or other things like "popcorn & a Christmas movie" I just slip in a cute card with instructions.  Be sure to make a sheet of everyday's item, so you can keep your sanity and know what day you have to mentally prepare to make cookies with a toddler.
Great places to look are obviously the dollar store, but Michaels and Hobby Lobby also has lots of little craft kits that you can buy for around a dollar as well. 
For things that don't fit in the bags, I again slip a note inside and wrap up the item and store in a closet.  Or if you're kids are older, you could give them a clue where you hid the item!
Here are a few items that are in our advent calendar every year:
-Christmas Jammies
-a Family ornament
-Go look at lights
-Watch a christmas movie
-Decorate cookies
-Make & send a Christmas card
-The Night Before Christmas book
-Read the story of Christ's birth
And my last and final tip, is to remember every day doesn't need something big.  After gathering items, if I ever find myself missing a few days, I pop in a small treat like a piece of chocolate or a candy cane.  Because it's still festive & kids love candy!