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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

End of the Year Orange Treats

When I saw Eighteen25's "orange you glad it's summer" pun, I couldn't get it out of my head and knew I had to create my own version for some fun end-of-the-year treats.  Last year's treats were equally simple, but still delicious.  
 This time around, I took orange slices and dipped some in melted chocolate and sprinkled with just that tiniest amount of sea salt.  They taste JUST like those chocolate oranges you get around Christmastime.  Addicting as well.  I spray painted the tops green to mimic the orange on the tag stick on a simple tag to tie in the pun and boom!  Little effort, and big impact. 
Be sure you don't forget those bus drivers & aides, they deserve to be rewarding for dealing with your children all year, too!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Garlands of Summer

In case you ever wondered what Summer would look like in garland form...this is it.  Watermelons, pineapples and rainbow bunting- that's what summer dreams are made of. 
Make 'em, stack 'em and enjoy your summer goodness.
The watermelons are made from 2 different sized circles, cut in half with seeds drawn right on.
The pineapples are cut using shape printed off from google and sized down to wallet-size.

The only thing that's missing is the smell of a bonfire at the beach....

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mother's Day Keychain

I'm so ready to bask in the love and relaxation of Mother's Day.  But if you still have to cross off gifts for the most wonderful day ever, I've got 2 easy ideas using the same concept- wooden beads painted by a cute little grandchild! (I also learned the importance of lighting control when using an apparently temper-mental background color??)
I happened to have these items on hand, but they can all be bought at your local craft store.
 Start by knotting one end of your leather cord tightly, this will be the bottom of the keychain.
 Slide on those wood beads, that your cute kid(s) painted with specifically selected colors.
 Loosely knot the top, and before tying tightly, slide on your keyring & tassel.
 Now pull taught and trim the excess cord. BOOM. 

So simple, easy, not tacky and way cuter than those awful puzzle piece pins we always came home from school with for my mom.  
....thanks for taking one for our self-esteem and wearing those to church, Mom. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Pinata Wreath

Cinco de Mayo has become one of my favorite holidays to decorate for.  All the bright colors and fun ways to decorate...we WILL be festive in this half mexican household!! This wreath is the perfect craft to whip up this week in time to enjoy at your fiesta!

Take your felt in bright, Cinco de Mayo colors and cut into 2" inch strips. 
If your wreath form isn't white already, like mine, spray with a quick coat of white spray paint while you fringe your strips of felt.
I had a smaller wreath and I found I could cut my strips in half to wrap and then glue around the wreath with just a titch of wreath showing on the back. Works for me!

Go go go until you're turned your wreath into a little felt pinata! It is so bright & although it's not traditional crepe paper, this way it's more sturdy and can handle being packed away in storage.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Confetti Egg Gift

I feel like almost every post I mention how fast time is that just something that happens the older you get?! Okay so Easter. Easter is THIS Sunday!  I am a big believer that it's never to late to craft, decorate or celebrate a holiday.  So here's a fun idea to spread the Easter fun around!
 Pick up a pack of confetti eggs at the dollar store or Walmart also has them for $1 too. I grabbed a pack of these blank egg cartons from Hobby Lobby because I knew I'd find something to do with them. So HAH! A little of that paper "grass", glue, twine & some cute paper.
 Start by tracing the top of your egg carton on the paper & cut it out.
 Glue it down, be sure not to use too much so you avoid bubbles.
 Optional: take a pen or a tag and write "Hip, Hop, Smash" on the paper once it's dry.
 Now to fill it up! Take just a little bit of that grass and press it in real good.  Putting too much in will make the container too thick and you won't be able to close it.
One of my favorite things about buying these confetti eggs is the difference of colors.  Aaaand a close second is that fact that I didn't have to make them!
 Wrap around that twine! I used light blue, yellow and pink and wrapped it 3 times.  (If your carton had trouble closing because of the grass, just tie that twine super tight!)
 How cute is that?! For extra bonus points, deliver that to a neighbor, friend or surprise family!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Confetti Love Notes

Need an extra special way to spread the love to those far away?  Send a not FILLED with love! Okay, there's tiny tissue paper hearts, but that's basically the same thing, right?!
If you can't find your own vellum envelopes, using an opened envelope of your own, trace then cut a 12x12 sheet of vellum and glue to make your own.
 I whipped out some simple and cute notes that could peek through the envelope & confetti.
 Fill up those envelopes!  Be sure to get some in the front and the back.  Seal tightly & give it a good shake to distribute the looooove.  Ours are going to grandparents, because they won't get made at their grandson when the confetti falls all over them!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Heart "Scallop" Wreath

This wreath is so easy & self-explanatory, it doesn't even merit a tutorial. It's simple and creates a look of scallops when completed, but is 100% Valentines with hearts.
 Use a foam wreath, your choice of felt (I only needed one of each color), and hot glue.
Tie some cute ribbon over the little gap you may be left with & you're done!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

14 Striped Sign

This Valentine's Day sign is as easy as it is cute!  The only thing I had to go buy is the wood circle from Hobby Lobby, and they come in a 3 pack so you can have one for every holiday!

 Just as easy as that! Obviously make sure to let the white paint dry before applying the tape for the pink paint coat.