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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Modern Pastel Art

This art piece is a super simple DIY that if even I can do it- YOU can do it!  I created mine with pastels, according to the #CreativeBuzz theme for this month. 

Supplies: Canvas
Colors of your choice & a neutral shade

 Start by randomly dotting your canvas with your paint in small little globs. 
(You can always add more, but taking away is harder!)

 Starting with your neutral color, spread into your canvas up & down.

Then, go color by color & do the same.  
To add to the blending of colors I didn't rinse out my brush in between colors!


Blend blend blend! Once everything is spread, step back and see what color you want more of, layer color on colors, or let dry and come back to add more dimension.

That's it! Really, you can't mess this up because it's kind of supposed to be messy. Isn't that great! So go create a fun spring piece or something you can display in your home all year long!

This project was part of the #CreativeBuzz theme "Pastels" this month. I grouped with some amazing other bloggers who have created some awesome projects with this theme- check them all out & give them so love!  
If you're stopping by from another #CreativeBuzz blogger- Hi! I'm Katie & I hope you'll be stopping by often! 

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Striped Cake Stand DIY

I have a super easy & cute DIY cake stand.  Best part? You can customize the colors!

Start with a wooden cake stand (I found mine at Hobby Lobby), paints of your choice & a food safe sealer. (Ask a worker to help you pick the best one)

 (Be sure not to run this through the dishwasher or anything crazy!)

This project was part of a "challenge" with some amazing ladies who are talented bloggers for a group theme!  This time around the #CreativeBuzz decided to challenge ourselves with stripes. 
 I am loving the diversity between all of us- so there's sure to be a project you love here! Hope on over & check out what they created with stripes!
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