Thursday, September 12, 2019

Color Mixing Printable

Recently I shared an idea on my Instagram for your little baby/toddler using Hello Maypole felt balls. My baby boy started doing it when he was 11-months, but still enjoys it now at 15-months.  
One last thing I’ll say about it, use the FELT BALLS, not pom-poms.  They are much sturdier for little fingers and are much better to start working on their fine-motor skills.
So here’s another fun idea for those felt balls- teaching color mixing!

I made a few different versions for all ages.  3 different color sets, and 3 versions of those color sets that has one completed for younger, one with words for readers, and one blank for older kids. 
To complete all the color sets, I used Hello Maypole’s Pigment and Party Animal color ways.
You could use these in a preschool setting, color concepts, or just for fun!
Here’s the link for the worksheets, download & print what you want!  

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