Friday, August 26, 2016

Color Block Magnets

I grabbed these mini square canvas magnets at Walmart without actually having a plan for them & then just some simple color block inspiration came to me.
 I picked a seafoam green & coral color, and used paper hold stickers to create a scallop pattern & painters tape to tape from corner to corner.

 This gold pen is definitely my favorite because it actually comes out a shining true gold, rather than a matte yellow-ish color.  And it also covers very well, so use it before of after using your paint.

 If you're feeling extra decorative, add some lettering to them!  I wrote "Don't Forget!" on one & "hey, look!!" on the other to add some visual dimension.

 Ta-da! Throw them up on that otherwise boring fridge to add some color & shine!

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