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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mother's Day Keychain

I'm so ready to bask in the love and relaxation of Mother's Day.  But if you still have to cross off gifts for the most wonderful day ever, I've got 2 easy ideas using the same concept- wooden beads painted by a cute little grandchild! (I also learned the importance of lighting control when using an apparently temper-mental background color??)
I happened to have these items on hand, but they can all be bought at your local craft store.
 Start by knotting one end of your leather cord tightly, this will be the bottom of the keychain.
 Slide on those wood beads, that your cute kid(s) painted with specifically selected colors.
 Loosely knot the top, and before tying tightly, slide on your keyring & tassel.
 Now pull taught and trim the excess cord. BOOM. 

So simple, easy, not tacky and way cuter than those awful puzzle piece pins we always came home from school with for my mom.  
....thanks for taking one for our self-esteem and wearing those to church, Mom. 

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