Thursday, October 29, 2015

Toddler Halloween Party

So yesterday...yes actually son had his first ever Halloween party!  It was so much fun to plan and I think the kids had a great time! So here's a realistic, low-budget, toddler Halloween party.

Plates & forks from Target, cups & napkins from Michaels.

At the entry way there were gift bags, foam dollar store grave stones & vinyl on the floor.

The living got a little extra decor like plenty of spider webs, some hanging garland & paper fans, mini pumpkins & we had a game of pin the spider on the web.

So at the party, we decorated cookies, played pin the spider on the web, decorated mini pumpkins with foam stickers, and colored in little canvas Halloween bags.  There were 6 kids (including mine), and I think it was just the right size and by the end of the party I think everyone was best friends!

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