Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Felt Ball & Buffalo-Check Pillow

Now that HelloMaypole shared the idea on her instagram I think it's safe to share a few more pictures here!  I was super excited to get chosen to come up with an idea for the Super Hero color way because we practically live, eat & breathe super heroes in this house. (with a side of legos) Using some off-white fabric, I hand painted a messy buffalo check pattern onto the fabric before attaching the felt balls. 

Here's a little photo tutorial on how I attached them using baker's twine. Without making a knot, pull the twine outside the pillow and through the ball, then back down in the ball and through the pillow again. Pull, knot & cut. Ta-da!
And guess what's on the other side?!  Obviously I had to, with it being the super hero felt balls!


  1. This is so adorable, and I love that it looks pretty easy to make!

  2. Super cute! I'm going to have to try this soon!