Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Favorites

Today's version of Friday Favorites are all things you can access on your phone.  App, website, or account.  Things that I use consistently and best part, don't cost any money.  Happy Friday, friends! 
Cartwheel by Target is addicting and basically like mobile discounts.  You can stack them with items already on sale that week AND with coupons.  It came out about 2 years ago and my sister-in-law and I jumped right on board and have been using it ever since.

I've had snapchat for years.  love using it with family and close friends to send pictures (mostly of my child) without posting them all on social media.  But it's recently become popular for bloggers to show behind the scene snaps and I love it! (I'm katiecarranza on there!)

TheSkimm is a free service that emails you every weekday morning with a summarized version of the latest news happenings and goings ons.  I'm not a big news reader or watcher so this is a perfect and no-effort way for me to stay up to date all while laying in bed in the morning.

I'm no fitness guru, and usually I only work out so I can eat junk food, but I love a good burning workout.  AlexaJeanFitness instagram account is my current favorite way to get free, quick, gym-free workouts in at home.  She often posts simple, no equipment workouts that will make you burn like no other! After trying a few of her posted ones, I went and bought her 30-day Ab Workout plan, and let me tell you...that does not disappoint either!

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