Monday, June 22, 2015

Tips for Naked Cakes

Hey guys! I wanted to share some tips for beginners to making those super popular "naked cakes".  My sister in law & I made the one for my mom's wedding, which turned out awesome, so let's shrink it down & make a cake for your next special event!
The first step is greasing your cake pans. You need your cakes to come out perfectly and the best way to to that is rub with Crisco then coat with flour. Fill your pans up half-way so they're nice and thick.

If you don't have cake-pan wrappy things to make them level, just use a serrated knife to even them out, in flatness & thickness as want the layers to look even.

You want a thick and sturdy frosting to hold up those layers.  Sidenote: For the big wedding cake, we used dowels to help hold everything up.

Start by spreading a little frosting on your cake stand before your first layer to hold the cake on.

Using a big round frosting tip, pipe a generous layer of frosting on, extending aaaalmost to the edge.

Check up on how even your layers are stacking up, and if necessary, add more frosting in.

Even out any frosting that may have been squished out of the sides.

For the top we did like on the wedding cake, pipe some round mounds on, and using a wide knife or off-set spatula, place in the middle of your mound and gently pull the frosting into the center.

Top with flowers, cake topper, sprinkles, or anything fun and you're set to party!

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  1. I love how you frosted the top of the naked cake! So simple but so beautiful!