Tied Ribbon: Bus Driver & Aide Gifts (with printable!)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Bus Driver & Aide Gifts (with printable!)

My son started his first year of pre-school this year (super late, but that's a different story.) And almost everyone in his class takes his bus and for the first 2 days I did his pick-up/drop-offs he was SO sad he couldn't get on the bus! So he started taking the bus & his thrill and excitement did NOT dwindle, friends! He could not get on that bus fast enough.

I cried his first day of school, and so of course I was anxious about sending him on a bus all. by. himself. But thankfully he had 2 amazingly sweet & kind drivers and equally wonderful aides that kept me as ease.  So on the last day of school I gave them each a special treat!
This free printable is available below, and has 2 "driver" and 2 "aide"s on each paper.  Before I cut them out,  I had my son write his name on each and then took a little water color to splatter them. I cut them, attached with glitter tape and tied with baker's twine. 

They were so appreciative for them and it made me so happy to give them just something little to show my appreciation for making the process so easy on my momma-heart!

PSST! If you want to see the end-of-the-year treats I did for 2016, go HERE.

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