Thursday, September 25, 2014

Quote Pillow

Almost an eternity ago I shared this pillow on instagram, but I had actually taken a few pictures for a little tutorial to share! It's amazingly simple and I love the outcome.

Start by sizing your freezer paper to the size of a computer sheet and print your quote in block letters directly onto the freezer paper. (Make sure the the shiny side is up so it prints on the paper side.)
The rough cut them out and iron them into your felt. You can do it randomly or plan so the colors are spread out.

Now the most tedious part, cutting out all the letters! 

Once you're finished pull off the freezer paper to reveal those gorgeous perfect letters!

Lay out your letters to get the spacing and color juuuust right. Then I simply used fabric glue to attach the letters to the pillows rather than trying to sew each little letter.

Ta-da! For those wondering, this quote has been one of my favorites for a long time and was even my senior quote in my high school yearbook! It's from Abraham Lincoln.
This pillow goes in my son's room but you can easily adjust the colors and words and put one in your master bedroom or living room!

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