Monday, June 16, 2014

graze & my new favorite snacks

Hi. My name's Katie & I'm an obsessive snacker.  Phew...SO glad to get that off my chest! You guys- I snack like no body's business- I feel like 50% of my day is spent in my pantry.  I'm constantly buying them, trying them and hoarding them.  So when I heard about graze boxes I was on board.  They're boxes with snacks (you can rate their snacks so you always get something you like) & they're delivered to your door. Genius.  Their snacks are designed with health in mind while still being delicious and perfectly portioned (so you don't accidentally eat a whole bag of chex mix...). And I have a super awesome present for you....

If you go to & set up an order using code FHDNHD65P you'll get your FIRST & FIFTH box free! Don't like your first box? Going on vacation? Need another one for said vacation?  You can cancel anytime without charge, put your box on hold & even order an extra box for the road.  There's no monthly service charge or cancelation pay for each box. Seriously, go, sign up, rate their snacks, enter the code and get your box! That's it. Happy Snacking, friends!

I was not paid for this post (that's how much I love graze) & all opinions are 100% my own.

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