Monday, February 24, 2014

Simplify Your Life & Laundry (Free Printable)

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Today I'm getting real again & talking about simplifying your life & laundry. Granted, all our lives are about more than just laundry- but I am always amazed how much dirty clothes & towels my little family of JUST 3 produces! A few times a week in between blogging, nap time, cleaning, family activities, Target runs, cooking & me time...I find myself doing laundry. As if gathering the laundry, hauling it to the washer and sorting aren't enough- I have to try to remember the detergent (oh it's happened more than once), softener & stain remover. Common now....give me a break. 
Cue these amazing guys......

Gain Fling & Tide Pods.  All the steps, measuring & cluttering bottles condensed into one little package! Just toss it in & your laundry comes out clean & fresh! (My favorite right now is the Flings for their AMAZING scents...they have 2 different ones!)

Yup, just this little thing.  But don't be deceived...these little pods pack more scent than even the regular stuff & still deliver amazing clean results!  One of my favorite things about them? They're available at Target...because let's be real- we're all there about once a week, right?!  So simplify your life with Tide Pods & Gain Flings . Because a few less steps every time you do laundry adds up to a simpler life. 
To make you feel a little happier & that laundry room a little brighter, I'm sharing a free printable!
Wash, Dry, Fold, Repeat....repeat repeat repeat repeat....