Friday, June 28, 2013

Getting Real: Your Perfect Life.

read my first "getting real" post here.

Have you read this article, "Instagram's Envy Effect"?  Shauna Niequist, the author, made so many good points. Seriously, go read it....I'll wait.

I was talking with some new blogging friends about how we love Instagram because we get see more of the "real life" from other bloggers we follow but may not know in person.  I agree- I love it because I can share what's happening without over-doing it on Facebook.  But I'll be honest, something it gets to me. No matter what media outlet, every once in a while I've found myself thinking, "I'm not doing enough as a mom", "My house isn't as cute as theirs", "I wish I had these clothes" and "Their family looks so perfect!" 

So let's get real, I instagram a "perfect life" most of the time, but here's an example.

The caption of this one read: "proof that my child is not always perfect."  Because every other picture of him on my feed makes him look that way!  My son throws tantrums (more lately, thank you terrible 2's), cries and lately turns away and says "no" when I try to snap his picture.

I secretly love when bloggers I follow share pictures like this of their messy craft room, dirty kitchen sink and crazy kid's rooms.  It makes me relate to them even more!  So here's your friend "Getting Real" reminder...none of our lives are perfect & every once in a while, it's okay to share that picture of your child with a messy living room in the background.

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