Friday, March 8, 2013

how blogging has changed my life.

Sugar Bee Crafts Blog

I'm linking up to Sugar Bee blog's post on How Blogging has Changed my Life!

I have a family blog as well as this craft blog- but posting here on Tied Ribbon has always be hot & cold. But no matter what, I always try to flex my creative muscle for it.  I love to craft, but so often I make something without documenting it, thinking, "Oh no one will care about this- I'm sure other people have thought of this."  
But I've changed my thinking to be less what if someone else has thought of it- maybe not everyone has and at least one person may get some inspiration out of it.
I just go for it & put my thoughts and ideas out there for better or worse.  And in the end, it makes me feel good that I've done that, even if Martha Stewart doesn't post a comment. ;)

So in a sentence, blogging has changed my life by giving more self-esteem in my creativity. 


  1. Thanks for linking to Sugar Bee Crafts - I featured you today!

  2. I love the part about martha is true, its for you! i enjoyed this- stopping by from Joy and gladness