Wednesday, March 6, 2013

favorite affordable nail polishes.

I LOVE nail polish.  I wear it so much, that I feel naked when I don't have any on my finger nails.  & I always have some on my always.  
I don't usually spend more than a few dollars on my polishes because a. I'm frugal  b. the less I spend, the more I can buy  c. I haven't noticed a big enough difference to spend more money on a nail polish.  So I rounded up my favorite brands to share with you...

1. New York Color Long Wearing: Definitely on the low price end at under $2 & comes in lots of different colors.  First coat provides great coverage & lasts a seriously long time for it's price (even without a top coat).

2. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro:  They have gorgeous color, are under $4 a bottle, have a great flat brush & does last up to 10 days with a good top coat.

3. Maybelline Color Show: Super popular colors, but definitely requires 2 coats & a top coat to really last.  Only $2.99 a bottle.

4. Sinful Colors:  It's only $1.99, but I've noticed they don't last that long in the bottle and get thick quicker than other nail polishes.  But they provide good coverage & last a decent amount of time.

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