Thursday, August 16, 2012

Getting Real: The Girl Behind the Blog

Let's get real. 
(As if I'm not open enough!)
I started writing this post on Friday (see above photo) & I am actually going to finish this post at 9:15 pm on Wednesday.  I just got home from a church activity tonight, I have decorations to unpack & a kitchen to wipe down and clothes to pick up. Am I doing any of that? Nope- and I'll probably even leave it until tomorrow because I am just that beat.  

Tomorrow (Thursday) I am getting my wisdom teeth taken out and I am dreading it more that when I went in to be induced.  (I hate the dentist THAT much!) Good news?  The dentist goes to our church and his assistant is my sister-in-law!  Bad news?  My husband will have to work Friday, so I am grateful for Tangled and my friend to come and help me with C-dog. 

More real, you ask?  I burned myself (again) today with a hot glue gun.  Took skin right off my finger.  It's disgusted and it was stupid.  Can I get an amen from you hot gluers?

Our bed sheets are in the dryer and I will probably fall asleep by 10 pm.  Tomorrow I'm hoping to get a Friday Favorites post written up tomorrow (pre-dentist).

Final thought: I am now dreading the dentist & post-dentist effects more than before I wrote this post!

Now get real with me!  Where are you, what are you doing, what are you procrastinating?! Or are you all perfect? :)


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