Saturday, July 21, 2012

Month of Birthdays Part 1

I've been at odds with myself about blogging.  I get in these spurts where I want to blog EVERYDAY...only problem is I don't do crafty things everyday.
Today after reading The Nie Nie Dialogues  (one of my favorite blogs) and I had a lightbulb go off.  Just because I don't make something crafty everyday, doesn't mean I'm not allowed to blog.  I can write about whatever I want- and the blog police won't arrest me.
So that's my plans.  When I craft- I'll blog it.  When I don't craft- I'll blog it.  Why not?  Maybe someone will get something useful out of what I have to say....or at least get a good laugh from me!

I turned 22 2 days's funny how birthdays become less exciting the older you get!
(going to get donuts in our jammies-per Melcher family tradition, our yummy donuts, balloons,
birthday root beer, yummy cupcakes, flowers & cake)
Clayton & I laid low for the day, & 2 good friends here stopped by with goodies. Thanks girls!

Clayton just turned 1 & I still find it hard to believe!  July is the month of birthdays in our home- up next is my husband!

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