Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Thoughts

We're almost to the weekend & I am very much looking forward to it.
This week was tough with my poor teething baby, but the minute I hear Clayton's big belly laugh while playing with his daddy makes me forget it all. 

I'm working on tutorials & shopping info. for Clayton's birthday party post, some dining room "making over" projects & my favorite homemade cleaners post.  

And can I just tell you how EXCITED I am that Project Life is back in stock?!  After getting home last night, I got a tweet from Becky Higgins saying it had just been stocked, and after a squeal, I rushed to my computer, clicked quickly & FINALLY purchased my Clementine kit.  I have been waiting since last year & cannot wait to get started & share!  
(My husband already deemed it as my Christmas present & I think I'm perfectly okay with that!)

So- good things coming.  Hopefully a more peaceful week ahead (I can always dream, right?) & here's to a relaxing weekend with family & loved ones!

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