Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Current Halloween Decor

I love to decorate for holidays, but mostly for Christmas!  Since I currently don't have a whole home to decorate, I thought it might be nice to give our room a festive Halloween feel.

I centered everything around a black framed mirror we already had.  The only things I bought were the candy & the frame. (Both on sale at Target.) I thought the frame would be good, because then I can simply change it out for each holiday/season!  Everything else I already had.  Let me break it down...

Those little jars were wedding presents & originally intended to flour, sugar, etc., but we aren't using them for that right now!  One has candy pumpkins (my FAVE!) & the other has candy corn.  That up there is some bunting I made with paper I already had.

I simply cut out the sized triangle I wanted with cardstock, then with each paper- folded it and cut!  I used a hot glue gun (because it was already on) and put some on the fold & the tip, but the baker's twine down & folded the triangle closed.  Easy- peesy! favorite part!  For this, I combined 2 tutorials I found online...
I took my fancy rubber-glue-gun-pad-thing (my glue gun came with it) & free-handed the letters  I wanted. One at a time, and immediately put silver glitter all over, then waited for it to dry and peeled it easily right off! Now- hot glue isn't the best medium for glitter to stick to. (esp. the thick glitter), so don't be too touchy and handle with care.  After cutting out my paper, I glued the letters. Then, I found a clip-art of a bat online & cut two out of black cardstock, as well as a moon out of yellow.  The bat's bodies are only glued, so their wings could come off & give a 3-d feel to them. 

Next, the bucket!

I used this tutorial from Elise Blaha's blog to create the pumpkins. She hangs then, but I added some green ribbon on top to use them for an "eye-level" decor.  I love them & my husband was even impressed! He said they look like they took a long time..which they didn't! Maybe that's why I love them so much...they were REALLY easy! I promise!  Behind the pumpkins are 3-d white letters (R & K) from out wedding.  
Well, there you have it!  A little decor to get us feeling spooky!

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